Chapter #1 at Palo Alto Networks

When: November, 28th, 15:00 – 18:00
Where: via Copernico, 39 Milan at Palo Alto Networks offices
Why: meet experts and share ideas about automating IT tasks
Languages: Italian and English
Free Tickets: available on Eventbrite
Call for Talks: we want to hear your voice!

Discounts and special offers


We’re happy to announce that all the attendants of our first meetup will receive a 40% discount on the first ever Italian Network Programming & Automation training from Network.toCode(), due to February 19 – 23 in Milan!

That’s a great opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss 🙂


So you want to start with network automation…

Gabriele Gerbino – Software Engineer at Fastly, Inc.

Event-driven network automation and orchestration

Mircea Ulinic – Network Engineer at CloudFlare, Inc.

Firewall configuration as code: opportunity for code modelers

Xavier Homs – Solutions Architect at Palo Alto Networks

A CMDB for IT infrastructures

Andrea Dainese – Network & Security Architect / speaker / advisor / CCIE #38620 at

After the event

You’re welcomed to join an informal self-founded pizza. Please book your seat.