Like most of you that are reading, we (that are writing) are technology enthusiasts with a deep interest around IT and Network Engineering in particular. This field has seen, and is currently seeing, a great shift toward a new set of technologies/buzzwords like SDN, NFV, Softwarization and Automation which is often commonly refrected on the need of developing new skills to support the new trends. All this, in our vision, is incredibly interesting and it will lead to new learning and professional opportunities for everybody.

In order to help the development and spreading of this, we decided to create Automate IT² (or Automate IT in ITaly). We are an Italian-based community driven meetup serie where we can get together and share our knowledge around Network Automation.

Do you have a nice use-case that nobody has ever seen before? We want to hear about it!

Have you built a new Python library to automate your whole global network? We want to see your demo!

Have you used all known automation tools and want to share your experience? Please do it!

We don’t care about the tool you’re using, the vendor you’re paying, the company you work for, the language you’re writing on, your gender, your experience level. We just want to hear and learn from you and with you! 🙂

If you share our same passion, please join us next 28th November in Milan for our first meeting! We’re sure we will have lot of fun!